Hilarious photos caught on Google Street View

Naked man in boot, bus crash and escaped convict are just some of the things inadvertently picked up by the cameras


Credits: Imgur

Google's Street View cameras have been trundling the roads of the world for the last ten years and in that time they have clocked up millions of images.

So it was only a matter of time before some beautifully, and at times bizarre, scenes were caught on camera alongside the endless shots of streets.

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Only this week a picture of a woman flashing at the Google Street View camera car emerged.

Check out our gallery to see the lady snapped as she gives birth on the pavement, red-faced monkeys hanging out in a hot spring in Japan and a thieving seagull caught as he makes his escape.

Credits: Imgur

An escaped convict on the run?

The aftermath of what looks like an epic house party has also been snapped, as well as an out of control BBQ and a stag doing a runner down an open road.

Some epically timed shots include a young girl face-planting the pavement as she falls off her skateboard and a lad grabbing crashing into a wall on his bike.

But then things get a little bit weird.

In one image what looks like the cast of Wayne's World can be seen strolling down a street, while another seems to have captured the start of a horror film as a group wearing frightening masks stare menacingly at the camera after getting out their car.

Credits: Imgur

What? A naked man in the boot of a car

There's also a topless Russian chasing a bear with a bat, a man stuck in a bin and what appears to be an inmate in an orange jumpsuit legging it down a deserted road.

And there are others which really can't be explained.

Like the alien casually sat at the side of the road, a man lurking in the woods wearing a gas mask and a naked guy in the boot of a car.


Hilarious Google Street View images from around the world

Hilarious Google Street View images from around the world

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