Hunter adopts baby deer and vows never to kill animals again

Aladino Montes says his life was transformed when he found the tiny animal while out shooting


Ten years ago Aladino Montes used to hunt deer, but things are very different now.

He said: "I have a buggy and I was driving on that field when I came across a couple of cows.

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"Suddenly, I saw a really small, young deer. It was strange because you don't find deer with cows."

Aladino took pity on the lonely fawn and took it home. He lives in the hills by a forest.

He explains how he has always loves animals and decided to call the young deer Bambi after the character in the Disney film.

While he used to hunt and kill deer to eat, he now says: "Since I've been with Bambi I can't hunt or kill anymore. I will die before I do."

Animal photobombs

Animal photobombs