Crop circle in English field looks like a fidget spinner

It's the popular toy of the moment


Visitors to Wiltshire apparently decided to have a bit of fun by leaving their mark on a vast field of crops.

They formed a crop circle in what appears to be the shape of a fidget spinner, the children's toy of the moment.

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It mysteriously appeared a week ago in these stunning wheat fields.

It's very close to the Alton Barnes White Horse, which is the famous figure of a horse cut out in the hill.

This new bizarre formation, with it's four circular arms linked to one central hub, strongly resembles the fidget spinner.

The latest toy trend amongst children and adults, it was first marketed for stressed out adults, but now kids are after the therapeutic gadget too.

Even though it's been thought to help people with ADHD, some are claiming the fidget spinner is serving more as a distraction and the gadgets have been banned in many classrooms.

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