Terrifying moment great white shark attacks kayaker

The moment a kayaker was attacked by a great white shark in Monterey Bay, California, was captured on camera.

Gene Mace was out with his wife in Monterey Bay when he noticed that a man had been flipped from his kayak.

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He took out his camera and saw that the man was under attack by a great white shark. Mace continues to capture the incident as he tells his wife to call for help.

She is then heard speaking to authorities over the phone. The couple watches helplessly as the kayaker tries to swim away from the great white.

After a few minutes, a boat approaches the kayaker and a man, Lt. Cmdr. Kyle Franklin, can be seen trying to help him into the small sailboat.

Franklin was out sailing with his wife and daughter when he saw the kayaker frantically swimming away from the shark.

The video cuts off when Franklin approaches the kayaker, but a 29-foot Coast Guard Response Boat, stationed in Monterey Harbor, later arrived to rescue the kayaker, who was too tired and cold to get on the vessel on his own.