Does this camera footage prove ghosts are real?

The clip appears to show a hazy figure and strange floating lights

Is this the piece of 'haunted house' footage that will finally end the debate over the existence of ghosts and the supernatural?

The hazy clip opens with a flicker of what could be an apparition and strange lights floating round a house's kitchen/diner.

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The footage continues and you can see general clutter which looks perfectly normal and gives little hint as to what is about to happen.

It is the later 'sighting' of the suspected supernatural being that is the clearer and spookier.

The bizarre image shows what looks to be a figure moving into view before seemingly rushing towards the film-maker, who is clearly taken by surprise and drops the camera.

The clip ends with a more mundane view of an Iceland shopping bag and a dishwasher.

Earlier this week a creepy image of a "ghost" appeared on a picture of a group of people smiling for the camera.

The shot was taken by ghost hunter Phillip Baron before a tour at the old asylum in Newsham Park, appears to show a figure of a girl in the middle.

And nobody knows who she is.

Phillip said nobody else who was there remembered the person, who appears between two others in the shot taken before a ghost hunt.

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