Takeaway owner falsely accused of selling human meat

Zaheer Ahmed loses 70% of takings and people have been 'hurling abuse'


Credits: Birmingham Mail WS

Online trolls have targeted a takeaway in Birmingham - claiming the fast food outlet is selling human flesh.

Zaheer Ahmed said the slur, which originated online and was spread via Facebook, had led to his takings being slashed by as much as 70 per cent.

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He stressed he wanted to speak out to reassure his customers that his food was safe and it was business as usual, reports the Birmingham Mail .

West Midlands Police confirmed officers had received reports of an "online hate campaign" targeting Mr Ahmed's takeaway, Sam's Fast Food in Old Walsall Road, Great Barr.

The 37-year-old said: "I have a very good business and many of my customers are remaining very loyal to me realising this is crazy.

"But it has affected my business and some people have been coming into the shop to hurl abuse.

Credits: Birmingham Mail WS

Online trolls have claimed Zaheer Ahmed's takeaway is selling human flesh

"I have also had lots of calls asking if I do sell human meat.

"I just can't believe some people would believe that.

"If I was selling human meat I am sure I would have been closed down and spending time in a police cell.

Credits: Birmingham Mail WS

The vile slurs were posted on Facebook

"I want to reassure my customers that I am not selling human meat.

"I am open and it is business as usual."

The wild claim was believed to have originated on a website allowing users to publish baseless allegations to prank their friends.

They then have the option to upload the material to Facebook.

Mr Ahmed was not named in the post but it identified the takeaway as "Sam's" and said it had been closed down.

It named another man - said by Mr Ahmed to have been a made-up identity - as the owner of the business.

Credits: Birmingham Mail WS

Zaheer says the slur has caused his takings to be slashed by 70%

The allegation, published earlier this month, was shared by a number of Facebook users and comments were made.

Mr Ahmed's business is not the first to be targeted with wild claims online, with a similar post targeting London Indian restaurant Karri Twist.

Owner Shinra Begum said her business could close down after a lie on social media wrongly alleged staff served human flesh to diners and nine bodies had been found in the freezer.

A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: "Police received a report of an online hate campaign towards Sam's Takeaway in Old Walsall Road in Birmingham on Friday, May 12.

"An appointment was arranged to visit the victim and officers offered advice."

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