Disabled man removed from plane seat due to prosthetic leg

The flight attendant said he was unable to prove his leg was 'functional'


A disabled passenger was asked to leave his exit row seat due to his prosthetic leg on an Asiana Airlines flight from Beijing, China, to Seoul in South Korea.

Tim Seward captured the moment he was approached by a cabin crew member who asked him to leave his seat, which he paid extra for, as the crew member was not able to prove that Seward was able to perform exit row duties.

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The cabin attendant can be heard telling Seward in the cell phone video: "I cannot prove if your leg is functional."

Seward told ABC 7 News he has flown in exit rows seats many times and is fully capable of performing the exit row duties.

He specifically pays extra for the seat so he can have extra room for his prosthetic leg.

Seward is an industrial designer, whose leg was amputated at the age of 11 after a battle with cancer.

Exit row seats require passengers to be physically able to open the emergency door in the event of a crash landing.

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