Top 10 new species for 2017 named

Weird and wonderful creatures from around the world


SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF) has released it's top 10 new species for 2017.

Dr Quentin Wheeler, ESF president, said: "2017 is exciting for us because it's our 10th year in recognising the top 10 new species."

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He added that the 'Katydid' is probably his favourite addition on the list this year.

"It's remarkable in a couple of ways. First, it looks very much like a leaf and that's true of many Katydids but this one has the especially detailled vein-like structure of the leaf.

"Its hind legs are broad and flat and look like smaller leaves but equally detailled."

So, who else made it onto the list for 2017?

Here's a run down of the weird and wonderful creatures for this year.

New Sorting Hat Spider, India

Katydid, Malaysia

Root rat, Indonesia

Millipede with over 400 legs, United States

New ant species named after dragon (Pheidole Drogon), Papua New Guinea

Stingray, Brazil

Centipede with 20 pairs of legs, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam

Bush tomato, Australia

Orchid with 'devil's head', Colombia

Marine worm, Mexico

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