Hello, summer! Britain to sizzle in 27C heatwave next week

The UK is set to see soaring temperatures all week


UK weather: Britain to sizzle in 27C heatwave next week!

Britain is set to sizzle in a heatwave next that would be worthy of any Mediterranean holiday resort.

In fact, next week looks set to see the best weather of the year so far, with temperatures predicted to reach 27C in some areas by Thursday and Friday.

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The south east will see the best of the weather, and Alex Burkill, meteorologist at the Met Office, told the Telegraph it would definitely be "suncream territory".

He said: "We're going to see a lot of fine weather and temperatures are going to turn pretty warm indeed.

"On Monday most of England and Wales will have fine weather and lots of sunshine. Twenty-five or 26 degrees looks likely."

He added: "Then on Thursday and Friday there'll be a good deal of sunshine to end the week. High 20s looks likely. We're definitely in suncream territory."

Speaking to The Sun, Met Office forecaster Greg Dewhurst said the warm weather would kick off straight away from Monday and continue throughout the week.

He explained that the balmy blast might not continue into the half-term holiday, however.

He said: "The year's highest so far was 25.8C in Gravesend, Kent in April.

"It's possible we could beat that in London tomorrow (Monday).

"Temperatures will gradually climb all week and might just hold for the start of the Bank Holiday weekend. But it will give way to showery rain by Sunday."

Time to brush off the BBQ and put away your brollies!

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