Shocking moment flying wheel narrowly misses driver's windscreen

Scary footage from Nottinghamshire road incident caught by dash cam


The shocking moment an entire wheel came flying off a car heading along a Nottinghamshire road was caught by dash cam.

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Footage shows the entire wheel hitting a wall at the side of the road before flying back across the path of the oncoming vehicle.

Stunned driver Darren Marriott can be heard exclaiming "oh my God" as the wheel narrowly misses his windscreen and hits his van roof on the video shot in Mansfield.

The video was shot on April 27 and uploaded to YouTube earlier this month.

Speaking to Metro, he said: "It was a real heart-in-mouth moment.

"There was no suggestion that it was going to come off at all – all we heard was the thud of the tyre against the garden wall. Then it just hurtled towards us.

"For a second or two it looked like it was going to go through the windscreen. If it had of done, I doubt I'd have been able to live to tell the tale."

Fortunately, nobody was hurt.

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