Air France flight emergency after plane struck by lightning

Mid-air scare on Paris to Birmingham flight


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An Air France flight from Paris to Birmingham declared a mid-air emergency when the plane was struck by lightning.

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Despite the emergency being declared, the flight landed safely with nobody injured.

A spokesman said told the Daily Mail: "I can confirm that AF1064 was hit by lightning during flight from Paris with an emergency being declared as a precaution.

"The aircraft has since landed safely at Birmingham Airport with no emergency response needed and with no injuries to passengers or crew.

"All passengers have since disembarked the aircraft safely from the airport stand as usual."

While a flight being struck by lightning sounds terrifying, planes are built to take lightning bolts. When lightning strikes, the worst that usually happens is a bright flash and a loud boom. In America, experts estimate that each commercial fleet is struck by lightning at least once annually.

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