World's most disgusting hotel guests

Confessions of hotel workers, from guests urinating in the mini-bar cans to wiping their bums with the towels


Gross things hotel guests do

There's something about checking in to a hotel that makes people forget their manners, cleanliness and dignity as some hotel workers will tell you.

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In a recent Reddit thread asking housekeepers, bellboys and management staff around the world what gets under their skin the most, employees confessed how hotel guests can be pretty gross and do disgusting things you'd never even think of.

As if cleaning up after messy travellers wasn't enough, some workers have experienced uncomfortable encounters with guests that are just as bad - spare a thought for those who have delivered room service only to be met by scantily clad guests.

When it comes to leaving behind a dirty surprise after check-out, guests like to get really creative. Ice buckets, mini bars and even the hotel room drawers have been victims of the world's worst hotel guests, and as one employee learned, even the friendliest people you'd never expect do outrageous things in hotels.

We scoured through the list of hotel staff confessions to bring you the worst findings and make you want to carry antibacterial wipes on your next hotel break...

Disgusting things hotel guests do

Disgusting things hotel guests do