Queen’s Guard shouts at eager tourist outside Windsor Castle

Tourist gets barked at while trying to take a photo


A tourist was told in no uncertain terms to back off when he got too close for comfort to a Queen's Guard at Windsor Castle.

Four soldiers were seen walking through a gate to the famous castle, wearing their bearskin hats and red coat uniforms.

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One man walks up to the gate as the last soldier is just closing it and appears to try and take a photo.

A crowd has at this point formed along the gates to see the soldiers and take pictures of the castle.

The soldier shutting the gate, however, shouts "stay away" twice to one tourist who is getting ready to have is picture taken with the guards and castle behind - and he's left looking a little alarmed.

The tourist even offers a little salute in return to show that he understands the order.

Queen's Guard shouts at tourist at Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle has been the family home to British kings and queens for over 1,000 years.

According to windsor.gov.uk: "The size of the Castle (13 acres) is breathtaking, in fact it is the largest and oldest occupied Castle in the world and it's where Her Majesty The Queen chooses to spend most of her private weekends.

"You might even time your visit when she is in residence! Look at the flag flying from the Castle's Round Tower; if it's the Royal Standard The Queen will be there too."

You can also see magnificent works of art from the Royal Collection, including paintings by Rembrandt and Canaletto, in the State Apartments, and take in the splendour of St George's Chapel, the burial place of 10 monarchs, including Henry VIII.

Guess the castle!

Guess the castle!