Mum caught 'stealing pram at Disney World and selling it on Facebook'

Woman allegedly stole the stroller while a tourist was on a ride


A mother has been accused of using her young daughter to steal an expensive Bugaboo pram at Disney World before selling it online.

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The incident took place on April 15 when Lauren Collazo reported her £1,390 pram missing at popular tourist attraction, Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida, while she was on a ride.

Speaking to ABC, she said: "It was the fact that she took it away from me the day that I needed it the most and ruined everybody's day at Disney."

Collazo added that her family's car keys and wallets were also taken from underneath the pram.

"I was there with no money, stranded," she said. "My husband had to fly over from Miami that same day, catch the first flight available to rescue me and my family."

ABC obtained CCTV footage of the alleged thief using her young daughter to slip away with the pram.

An arrest warrant was issued for Michelle Craig and she turned herself.

Craig faces a grand theft charge.

A woman from Texas contacted Collazo after Craig sold the pram to her on Facebook, with her name still on the stroller.

The Orange County Sheriff's Office is now investigating Craig for other luxury pram thefts.

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