Woman loses control of car and crashes into bungalow

Pictures show the damage caused to the bungalow in Worcestershire


woman crashes into bungalow

An elderly woman had a miracle escape after she lost control of her car and careered straight into a bungalow in Hallow, Worcestershire.

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A dramatic aerial picture shows the car completely embedded inside the front room of the white-painted property.

Firefighters were pictured gathered around the bungalow in the picture which was taken by the air ambulance.

Incredibly, the elderly female driver was taken to hospital in a stable condition after being cut free from the car just before 5pm on Friday.

Neighbouring properties had to be evacuated as the vehicle was removed from the bungalow using a winch.

In January, the terrifying moment a pick-up truck crashed into a bus in the state of New York was captured on camera.

Surveillance footage showed the truck swerving off a road and crashing through the city bus in Syracuse.

The truck was partially lodged in the bus after crashing into it, the Syracuse Police Department said.

The driver of the pick-up truck was getting off an exit ramp when he swerved into the left lane to avoid hitting stopped traffic. As he swerved, he went off the road and hit the bus which was at a traffic light.

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