'Drunk driver' caught when car calls police after crash

"Clever" car alerted officers after collision


Car Accident

A drink driver was caught by police after their own car phoned officers to report a crash in Northern Ireland.

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The unusual incident saw officers arrive at the scene of the car crash after they were alerted by the vehicle only to find that the driver had been drinking.

Writing on Facebook, PSNI Craigavon said: "Some cars these days are pretty clever. Did you know that some can even phone police automatically to let us know you've crashed?! That's a really good safety feature.

"It is however a really bad feature to have if you're a drink driver.

"That's right, you're picking this up correctly - a CAR phoned us to let us know about a crash last night when it turned out the driver was drunk.

"You think you're having a rough weekend? At least your car hasn't touted on you!

"Feel free to phone us if you suspect someone is drink driving. This driver wasn't the only drunk driver caught over the weekend. We do take action, but your help is vital in ridding the road of these potential death drivers."

PSNI did not give further details of how the crash happened or what happened to the driver.

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