Super pollen to hit UK, according to allergy expert

Pollen in the Air healthcare2014
Pollen in the Air healthcare2014

Hayfever and asthma sufferers could experience misery over the next few days as experts have predicted high levels of 'super pollen,' a combination of pollen from plants and diesel fumes in the air.

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Allergy expert Max Wiseberg said that stormy and humid weather will increase pollen levels, while thunder and lightning will split the particles into smaller and more potent fragments.

Wiseberg, of organic balms maker HayMax, told The Sun: "The dry weather has meant that we have ended up with high levels of pollen in the air and sitting on surfaces without being washed away.

"When the earth warms up and becomes moist this is lifted up into the air and causes allergies, because there is so much lying around this is likely to be a problem in the coming week or so."

He added that the "ideal" conditions over the next few days will trigger hay fever and allergies.

Meanwhile, the Met Office says temperatures are expected to rise to the mid-teens across the UK over the weekend.

The Daily Mirror reports that Monday will bring storms despite the mild weather.

Andrew Williams, lead nurse for adult allergies at London's Guy's Hospital, told the newspaper that the hospital has seen more hay fever sufferers recently.

"Thunderstorms are a particular problem and you tend to see a big spike in asthma, especially in people who aren't well controlled and tragically this is when you could see deaths," he said.