UK weather: Temperatures set to hit 25C next week

Blast of tropical air set to sweep through UK


UK weather: Temperatures set to hit 25C next week

It hasn't felt much like spring recently but, don't worry - temperatures are set to soar to 25C next week as a tropical air mass sweeps through Britain.

Balmy conditions are expected, particularly in the South East, where highs of 25C are possible.

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A change in wind direction from the easterly flow to a southwesterly one will bring humid and moist conditions, according to the Independent.

The UK could be hotter than Ibiza on Wednesday if the mercury reaches the predicted 25C.

Speaking to The Sun, Met Office spokesman Nicola Maxey said: "Warm air coming in from Iberia will bring temperatures of around 20C (68F) or 21C (70F) by the end of this week.

"By the middle of next week we could see temperatures in the mid 20Cs as tropical maritime air arrives from the south.

"We are expecting some heavy showers and the risk of thunder as warm, moist air comes in from the Continent."

Looking further ahead to the end of May and into June, mixed conditions expected, but the Met Office gives a glimmer of hope about "very warm weather at times".

The forecast from Saturday 27 May to 10 June reads: "Towards the end of May a rather mixed period is most likely, with the more unsettled conditions across the northwest, with rain here at times, although it will probably remain drier in south-eastern areas.

"Temperatures will tend towards the seasonal average, or will be slightly below this for some, with chilly nights possible.

"Into early June, confidence reduces, but a mixed spell of weather looks most likely, with rain or showers for many areas interspersed with drier conditions. Temperatures are likely to be near average, but perhaps becoming warm or very warm at times too."

It is likely to turn cooler with more changeable conditions to wards the end of next week and into next weekend, however, so make the most of the mid-week 'mini heatwave'.

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