Bow Wow spotted flying commercial after posting pic online of private plane

Rapper mocked on social media after 'fake' private plane photo


Rapper Bow Wow was rumbled this week after suggesting he was travelling to New York on a private jet - before being spotted flying on a commercial passenger plane in economy class.

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The rapper, Shad Moss, AKA Bow Wow, has three million followers on Instagram, and shared a picture of a private plane on Tuesday, writing: "Travel day. NYC press run for Growing Up Hip Hop."

But an eagle-eyed fan then saw him sitting in front of him on a flight from Atlanta to New York. And, of course, he let the world know with a handy photo.

According to the BBC, his post suggested he was at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport in Georgia. But soon after the image he used was traced back to a stock photo of a private plane used by a Fort Lauderdale limousine company. Bow Wow had added a filter to the image before posting.

According to NBC News, the company he borrowed the picture from is actually based hundreds of miles away from where he was taking off.

The rapper has been relentlessly mocked for is 'frontin' on social media.

A new hashtag has even been created, #bowwowchallenge, in which people post a pair of images side-by-side showing a glamorous depiction of their lifestyle compared to the much less exciting reality.

Bow Wow's apparent response to being rumbled? Another Instagram post that says: "My hustle is non stop. I never stop hustling."

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