Revealed: EasyJet cabin crew secret hand signals

Bunny ears, chicken dances and more...


EasyJet has revealed cabin crew are taught secret hand signals they can use to communicate on board flights.

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The budget airline says cabin crew often use a series of gestures to indicate food orders or what's going on in different parts of the plane.

Examples include a 'chicken dance' when a customer wants a chicken sandwich - and a champagne cork being popped if there's been a proposal.

The revelation emerged after TV presenter Jamie East tweeted a video of a strange hand code being used by an EasyJet air stewardess.

Credits: easyjet/Youtube


Credits: easyjet/Youtube

He wrote: "Excuse me but please explain what ON EARTH is going on here?!"

The airline later replied with a video which explained the secret signals.

Staff explained: "EasyJet serve over six million customers per month, we need out inflight service to be quick and efficient to ensure we deliver excellent customer service.

"To do this we have developed some secret hand signals to enable the crew to communicate with each other during the inflight service minimising unnecessary chatter."

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