Llamas on the tracks: The latest reason for train delays

Train company shares ridiculous reason for delays - and people's reactions are brilliant


Llamas reportedly disrupted people's morning commute in Kent on Monday.

Southeastern services between Hildenborough and Sevenoaks were delayed after a number of llamas were seen near the tracks just after 8.30am.

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The rail operator told Mirror Online : "Network Rail warned us this morning that 6-8 llamas were seen near the line around Hildenborough – we're not sure how they got there or where they were going, but we can assume they weren't trying to catch the train."

Southeastern tweeted news of delays as the animals were first spotted.

While any rail disruption is irritating, llamas are a more exceptional reason. Usually, leaves are to blame. Or strike action.

Southeastern has to regularly update its customers about late-running trains, because its trains are often late. Anger ensues. But this time, the llamas made the situation a little more comical, as Kent Live first pointed out.

Southeastern told us that the delays had finished by around 11am.

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"As a safety measure we slowed trains running through the route and there have been minor delays as a result," the company said.

"Our services are now back running as normal."

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