Lion's reaction to bubble popping is slightly unexpected

Adorable lion clearly isn’t a big bubble-popping fan


They have a reputation of being the fearless king of the jungle - but this cute lion was left running scared over a bubble popping.

A video posted by the Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne shows Moto taking an interest in the floating bubble.

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However, when it's gets to the floor and pops, Moto almost jumps out of his skin.

The park shared the video on social media to celebrate Moto's 10th birthday on 8 April, and it's since gone viral.

The caption read: "Happy Birthday Moto! Here's one of his not so finest moments, getting scared of a bubble."

Paradise Wildlife Park is a family-run animal park located in Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. Previously known as Broxbourne Zoo, it was renamed Paradise Wildlife Park after it came under the management of the Sampson family in 1986.

Paradise Wildlife Park is home to over 400 animals, which include small mammals, paddock and farmyard animals, birds, primates, reptiles, and big cats.

They house Siberian tigers, White Bengal tigers, South African cheetahs, snow leopards, ocelot and a jaguar, and white lions.

Paradise Wildlife Park has developed a reputation through its conservation efforts, including The Wildlife Heritage Foundation (the sister site in Kent) which specialises in research and breeding of endangered species.

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