Ten unusual things you probably didn't know about Britain

Ever wondered which county produces the most Premier League stars? Or where you'll find the most haunted city in the UK?


The Nutshell Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England, UK, England's smallest pub.

Britain is no stranger to the weird and wonderful - from its bizarre traditions to the quirky attractions - but how much do you really know about the UK and its counties?

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For instance, did you know there is just one county where you won't find a McDonald's restaurant? And did you ever wonder what inspired author Ian Fleming to give James Bond the code 007? Or where you could find the smallest pub in the UK?

With the help of Sykes Cottages, we explored some of Britain's oddities and amazing facts you probably didn't know.

If you've ever asked yourself which region has produced the most Premier League stars, or where the first fish 'n' chip shop opened, you'll want to scroll through our slideshow to find the answers to these intriguing questions while discovering more fascinating facts about our beautiful land.

Take a look at the unusual things you didn't know about Britain...

Ten things you didn't know about Britain

Ten things you didn't know about Britain