Lightning kills 32 cows in one strike

The farmer has lost more than £46,000 worth of stock


A single strike of lightning killed 32 cows in Missouri, USA.

Farmer Jared Blackwelder had just finished milking his cows when lightning struck.

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He didn't notice that the cows had been hit until later in the day when he went back to milk again.

The cows are certified organic, costing anywhere from $2,000 to $2,500 (£1,550 to £1,950) each - that's a total loss of over $60,000 (£46,500).

The farmer is trying to see if his insurance will cover the total loss.

The sight of them lying on the ground was obviously tough to see.

He still has around 120 cows at his farm and he's hoping to replace the cows that were killed.

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