Woman leads toddler down crumbling cliff, ignores warning signs

Killer landslide warnings everywhere. What was she thinking?


A woman has been snapped leading a toddler down a crumbling cliff after 'ignoring repeated warnings of killer landslides'.

The woman - believed to be his mum - allegedly had to let go of her little boy's hand halfway down the lethal route as she struggled to get her own footing.

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As a result the lad was forced to make his own way down as the middle-aged woman risked both their lives.

And despite their difficulties getting down, the group of two adults and two children were caught on camera clambering back up to the top of the cliffs just minutes later.

This terrifying set of pictures was taken at West Runton on the north Norfolk coast yesterday as people flocked to the beach for the bank holiday weekend.

A sign reads: "Do not climb up or down cliffs. No access to beach except via Water Lane. Please keep to marked route."

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A woman leading a young boy down the cliffs

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The boy making his own way down

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Visitors to the coast are continuing to ignore warnings not to climb on the crumbling cliffs

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People ignoring warning signs not to climb on the cliffs

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The warning sign telling people not to walk up or down the cliffs

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The group of four spotted climbing

Within just 60 minutes at least a dozen people - both adults and kids - were caught red-handed on camera flagrantly flouting warning signs to keep clear of the cliff edge.

Two schoolkids reportedly used the fast-eroding slopes battered by the North Sea and powerful winds for thousands of years as a playground.

And a man was seen posing for a selfie at the top while dog-walkers were also spotted running around as they all seemed blissfully unaware of the dangers.

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People are continuing to climb the cliffs despite warning signs

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A man taking a picture near the top of the cliffs

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A boy snapped walking down the dangerous cliffs

The cliffs at West Runton was thrown into the limelight after the suspected lower leg of a two million-year-old mammoth was dug up on Friday.

But Coastguard chiefs have told people to stay off the dangerous cliffs after a man of 58 was tragically crushed by a collapsing cliff at Thorpeness, Suffolk, in January.

A Cromer and Sheringham Coastguard spokesman said: "We strongly advise all members of the public not to walk under the cliffs or near to the edge on top and keep all pets away from the base.

"Shockingly children are still climbing the faces and digging significant holes into the cliffs."

He warned: "If your child goes to the beach please ensure that they are not doing this for their own safety.

"The cliffs could give way without any notice and collapse in or on top of someone at any time."

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