Cat up a tree armed with rifle: Police investigate

"The cat was given a verbal warning"


A worried member of the public alerted police after spotting a cat sitting in a tree nestling a RIFLE in its paws.

Officers in Newport, Oregon, reacted in style when they realised the picture they had been sent of the gangster kitty was simply an optical illusion.

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The cat's position, the colours, and the shape of the branch all conspired to make it look it was toting a weapon.

Credits: Chris Murphy

Police told local news station KATU (obviously) that someone took the picture and then realised what it looked like.

In a Facebook post, the Newport Police Department said they warned the moggie.

The post read: "Reports of an armed cat this morning were unfounded. The feline was contacted by our canine and was determined to be in possession of a non-lethal branch.

"The cat was given a verbal warning for posing with what could be mistaken as an assault rifle while wearing poor camouflage attire."

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