Bigfoot spotted in Holland

The dark figure was spotted along with the sound of loud knocking


Credits: TheMusicmemorylane

Eerie footage has emerged which appears to show a shadowy Bigfoot-type creature watching young tourists from deep inside a forest.

The bizarre video was captured by two youths, named only as Lucas and Jeroen, during their visit to a national park in the Netherlands.

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The boys were exploring Veluwezoom National Park when they spotted a dark figure in the distance accompanied by the sound of loud knocking.

As they take a closer look, the creature seems to peer from behind a tree before hiding.

Credits: TheMusicmemorylane

The youths noticed something shadowy in the distance

The terrified boys are heard swearing as they struggle to believe their eyes - but their investigation is cut short by what sounds like gunfire which forces them to run.

The footage was originally shared by Mike Soze on his YouTube channel TheMusicmemorylane where it has been viewed a staggering five million times.

Credits: TheMusicmemorylane

The creature appeared to be watching the boys

It has sparked fierce debate among viewers, who offered their suggestions for what the strange creature might be.

One users speculates it may be a "tall, skinny bear" while another claims it is a crow or woodpecker.

Some say it appears to be a giant pigeon.

Credits: Rex

Many suggested the creature could be Bigfoot

Credits: TheMusicmemorylane

The creature seemed to peer from behind a tree

Many suggested it may be Bigfoot, the mythical creature from American folklore said to inhabit forests.

Some even speculate the tall thin shadow may have been that of the terrifying supernatural character Slender Man.

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