Bear rips off boy's arm and eats it

The incident happened at the Qalqilya Zoo in Palestine


Boy's arm ripped off by bear in zoo

A nine-year-old boy's arm has been ripped off by a bear and eaten after he tried to feed the beast during a trip to the zoo.

The gruesome incident happened at the Qalqilya zoo in the Palestinian city of Qalqilya.

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It is understood the boy was trying to offer the bear food through the bars of its cage.

A police spokesman said he approached the cage with the food, before the animal pounced and ripped off his arm.

Credits: Qalqilya Zoo/YoutubeQalqilya Zoo opened in 1986

Credits: FacebookThe zoo houses around 170 animals

His arm was severed at the elbow.

The boy is reportedly receiving hospital treatment for his horrific injuries.

The zoo houses around 170 animals, with images showing many kept in cages.

Built in 1986, It is the only zoo on the western edge of the Palestinian West Bank.

Credits: FacebookThe boy is reportedly receiving hospital treatment for his horrific injuries

Credits: Facebook

The bear bit off the boy's arm as he tried to pass food into his cage

Earlier this year a tourist was mauled by three tigers in front of his wife and child at a Chinese zoo.

One tiger was shot dead after the visitor reportedly climbed into the enclosure and walked towards the animals as they were being fed.

Horror footage shows the tigers leap on the man at Ningbo Younger Zoo, leaving him writhing around on the ground in agony as they passed him between their massive paws.

The man was mauled by the tigers after reportedly climbing into their enclosure

Reports in China say the man died from his injuries.

Zoo keepers tried to frighten the animals away with firecrackers and water canons, but they were undeterred.

The animals then bit into his head and neck and ripped off his clothes, leaving him face down on the ground in just his pants, according to

One tiger was then seen dragging the man's blood-soaked body into the woods by his foot.

The man was rushed to hospital from the zoo in East China's Zhejiang Province.

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