Brit woman injured by hammock blown off building in New York

Strong winds blew wooden frame on top of tourist in Lower Manhattan


A British woman has been seriously injured after being struck by a wooden hammock blown from a five-storey building in New York.

The 48-year-old tourist was walking along a street in Lower Manhattan when the wooden frame was blown from a fifth-floor terrace in strong winds.

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Stunned eye-witnesses described seeing the woman collapse to the ground after being hit at around 5pm yesterday.

A witness told the New York Daily News : "I heard a loud noise, then I ran out. The woman was laying on her back and her left leg was twisted up.

Credits: GoogleThe incident took place in Lower Manhattan (Photo: Google)

Credits: ABCThe woman was rushed to hospital with head injuries (Photo: ABC)

"There was no blood or anything, but her leg was twisted up at different angles and she couldn't move."

Police believe wind may have blown the wooden framed hammock despite it being strapped to the terrace of the building.

The woman, who was reportedly walking alongside her husband before the incident, was rushed to hospital.

The hammock was blown from a five-storey building (Photo: ABC)

She was conscious and reported pain to her head and back and is now said to be in a serious but stable condition.

Her husband is not believed to have been injured.

Officials said an investigation is ongoing.

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