Couple who sat at same pub table since 1989 fear it will be moved in extension

The pair occupied table 18 at the Blue Bell in Scunthorpe for 28 years


Drinkers often like to have a favourite place in their favourite pub where they like to stand or sit.

From there, they can peruse their local and have a chat with the regulars from the comfort of "their table" or "their seat".

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But now a couple have raised the question of rights to a certain seat or table of the establishment if a renovation takes place.

Rodger and Louise Hales, a couple of regulars of their local in Scunthorpe, have now found themselves in this very predicament.

Not many could match their longevity record at table 18 at the Blue Bell in Scunthorpe?

They have occupied table 18 since the Bell opened in August 1989, the Scunthorpe Telegraph reports.

The couple said: "It's a cosy corner spot close by the front window and good for people watching."But the couple fear table 18 could disappear or be relocated.

The pub, a Wetherspoon, is proposing an extension of the dining area goes ahead.

Now they are suggesting their beloved table could be engraved with their names.

Pub management was unavailable to comment.

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