Pregnant woman and partner stranded in Outback for 24 hours

The couple's four-by-four was bogged in sand in Western Australia


A pregnant woman and her partner were stranded in the Australian Outback for 24 hours after their car became heavily bogged in sand on Friday.

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The 27-year-old woman and the man, 32, were driving on a dirt road when their four-by-four got stuck.

According to, they were around 300km northwest of Warburton, Western Australia, where temperatures were around 32C.

After activating a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) from their Toyota Landcruiser a massive search operation was launched.

A Goldfield Air Services plane, AMSA Challenger aircraft and a search and rescue helicopter were involved in the search.

They were found on Saturday in good health after being admitted to hospital.

Writing on Facebook, Western Australian Police said: "The rapid response was possible due to the fact the people were carrying a GPS based PLB, which not only alerted us to their situation, but also told us where they were.

"Their PLB was registered, which meant we were able to contact a family member and establish how many people were on the trip, which is extremely important in assessing the urgency of the situation.

"In this instance the pair had become stranded after their vehicle became heavily bogged."

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