Cheetah attacks tourist at South African lodge

Video shows the moment the big cat pounced on Peggy Lio


Cheetah attack

The terrifying moment a cheetah pounced at a Chinese student and tried to bite her during a guided tour of the Emdoneni Lodge in South Africa was caught on camera.

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Dew, the cheetah, dragged Peggy Lio to the floor as she shouted: "Oh my God".

In a shocking video posted online, she is seen screaming on her knees with the cheetah on her back.

A guide is then seen attempting to remove the animal with a stick.

Speaking to News 24, Peggy said: "Suddenly one of the cheetahs approached me, jumped one me and pulled me down on the ground, attempting to bite me."

She did not need treatment and was left unhurt.

According to, the same cheetah went on to attack a 14-year-old tourist from New Zealand the next day.

Isaac Driver was pictured with cuts on his shoulder and arm.

His father said he was "shocked" that they weren't told about the incident the previous day.

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