Airline loses dog after putting it on wrong flight

Cooper went missing while he was taken outside for a toilet break


Labradoodle missing flight

A dog went missing after Canadian airline WestJet put the pet on the wrong flight.

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Cooper the golden Labradoodle has now been found after he was supposed to fly from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Deer Lake, Newfoundland to stay with family while his owners flew to Jamaica for a wedding but ended up on a flight to Hamilton, Ontario instead.

According to the Canadian Press, Cooper then broke away from the airport when an employee took him outside for a toilet break.

The search for the dog lasted for about 24 hours.

Writing on Facebook, one of his owners' mother Tanya Simon said: "Please help! My daughter and her room mate lost their beloved labradoodle. They put him on a west jet flight to NL so they could send him to be taken care of by family, to attend my wedding in Jamaica. WEST JET put him on the wrong flight to Hamilton and a staff member took him out of his kennel to pee and lost him! He is running loose and scared of loud noise and men. The girls flew there this am and are searching desperately with no luck."

Owner Terri Pittman told CBC that Cooper was later spotted running through the back gardens of residents living near the airport.

A group of locals surrounded him and made sure he didn't leave.

Cooper was found wet and hungry but in good condition.

WestJet apologised for the mishap and spokesperson Lauren Stewart said: "Our primary focus was reuniting Cooper and his owner. In the days ahead, we will review our procedures in an effort to determine what happened and make changes if needed to prevent future, similar occurrences.

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