Jo Wood thrown off overbooked Easyjet flight

Ronnie Wood's ex made alternative arrangements to get back to the UK


A furious Jo Wood was left stranded at a Spanish airport after getting chucked off an overbooked easyJetflight.

Ronnie Wood's ex was enjoying a getaway in Murcia over the bank holiday weekend, but her trip ended on a sour note when she found herself with no way to get back home.

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Jo, 62, took to Twitter to vent her frustration after the flight was overbooked and she was left without a seat.

"Thrown off of easy jet because they overbooked," the upset star wrote.

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easyJet said they would be reimbursing Jo

Making reference to the recent United Airlines debacle where a man was forcibly removed from his overbooked seat after refusing to give it up, she added: "At least I wasn't dragged off."

She followed that tweet up with another post showing a newspaper article reporting on a similar incident.

"Just read this in paper.. @easyJet so I'm not the only one to have my seat given away ...trying to get home!"

An easyjet spokesman said: "We were sorry to hear of Ms Wood's experience and would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by the overbooking of her fight from Murcia to London Gatwick.

"Whilst there was one seat available, we understand that she wanted to fly with her travel companion.

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Jo and ex-husband Ronnie

"Unfortunately, it was not possible to get them on an alternative easyJet flight that evening and Ms Wood made alternative arrangements to travel back to the UK.

"A member of our customer services team has been in touch with Ms Wood directly to reimburse her for these costs and to compensate her in line with EU261."

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