Top 10 long-haul flights with the biggest savings for 2017

Find out how families can save over £500 this summer


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This year, going long-haul doesn't mean you need to break the bank. New research from Skyscanner has revealed that in 2017, flight prices have dropped by 10% from the UK to a whole host of destinations worldwide.

Vancouver, Canadatopped the list of long-haul destinations offering the best savings, with prices having dropped by an impressive 18% compared to last year, with the average traveller saving £126.52 on seats.

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The savings are equally impressive if you're travelling as a family-of-four, where you could stand to save up to a whopping £506 - that's basically an extra holiday!

Meanwhile, couples considering the stunning seaport city for a romantic break should also take advantage of the budget-friendly prices, with savings of up to £253.

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Meanwhile, although Auckland took the sixth spot on the list with an average saving of 11%, it proved to take second position when it came to savings for families and couples. A family-of-four could stand to save up to £446, while couples were looking at saving around £223.

For overall price drops it was Boston and Hong Kong which closely followed Vancouver, with differences of 13% and 14% respectively in comparison to last year.

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If you're thinking of travelling to Asia, then you may want to think about booking in a trip for this year, with popular cities such as Kathmandu, Shanghai, Amritsar and Denpansar all featuring on the list with price drops ranging from 10-12%.

Skyscanner's research also that booking an average of 18 weeks before your date of travel could offer the biggest savings, with September proving to be the cheapest month - so booking in May would be ideal to get the best deals.

The top 10 long-haul destinations with the best savings:

1. Vancouver: average saving of £126.52. (18%)

2. Boston: average saving of £72.12. (13%)

3. Hong Kong: average saving of £73.53. (12%)

4. Kathmandu: average saving of £72.43. (12%)

5. Havana: average saving of £78.81. (11%)

6. Auckland: average saving of £111.70. (11%)

7. Shanghai: average saving of £66.71. (11%)

8. Amritsar: average saving of £61.56. (11%)

9. Islamabad: average saving of £61.08. (11%)

10. Bali - Denpasar: average saving of £68.21 (10%)

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