Woman groped on flight gets $100 voucher in response

Passenger complained to United Airlines after being sexually harassed


A woman travelling with her 12-year-old daughter says she was groped by a "visibly drunk" man while awaiting take off on a United Airlines flight to Phoenix, USA.

Jennifer Rafieyan says she watched as two flight attendants escorted the man to the empty seat next to her.

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According to the Huffington Post, the woman claims the man rubbed her legs, kissed her hands and continued to sexually harass her.

When given the chance, Rafieyan disclosed the man's actions to the flight attendant who reportedly responded saying "I'm so sorry, but there was nothing we could do" admitting the man had done similar things to another flight attendant.

The Post reports United has a contract of carriage that says it can refuse to let a drunk passenger get on the plane.

After the incident she filed a complaint with the airline. She received a generic email and a $100 voucher in response.

Rafieyan escalated the incident and reported the man's name to the FBI's Criminal Investigative Division. After witnessing United's recent leggings and overbooking issues, the mother of three is now more concerned with how United handled the incident than the incident itself.