Herd of cows invades train platform in Kent

60 cows heading off on Easter holiday?


Herd of cows invades train platform in Kent

A herd of 60 cows caused travel delays at a train station in Kent.

The cattle were spotted walking along the track and going into a tunnel between Hever and Ashurst in Kent, according to the BBC.

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Network Rail then closed all lines while the animals were escorted to the platform at Hever railway station.

Student Francesca Ryan managed to snap a picture of the cows crammed together on the platform before they were taken safely back to their fields.

She wrote: "Holy cow! @nationalrailenq this delay at Hever is crazy 🐄🐄🐄🐄🐄."

According to the Telegraph, Southern kept its passengers up to date, writing: "The cattle have now been removed and are safely back in the fields allowing the trains to run again.

"Unfortunately both rolling stock and train crew are now in the wrong places so please bear with us while the service returns to normal."

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