Parading elephant kicks man to the ground

The grumpy animal sent the festival-goer flying


Credits: Liveleak

A grumpy elephant sent a festival-goer flying when he kicked him in the chest at a religious carnival.

Footage captured the moment the captive elephant, apparently named Saraswathi, struck the man with a powerful punt during a parade in Kerala, southern India.

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Onlookers were left stunned as the man dropped to the floor as a result of the forceful kick which left others cowering for cover.

The man appeared to be unharmed as he was seen quickly back on his feet.

The kick took place during a colourful parade at a religious ceremony in the Indian state.

Credits: Liveleak

The elephant kicked a man in the chest at the parade

Credits: Liveleak

Sending the man flying to the ground

The use of captive elephants has been condemned by animal welfare activists who say many are starved, tortured, blinded and drugged.

Wildlife activist Rajeev N Kurup wrote on Facebook: "When will we realize that these animals are not meant to be in the cities.

"Look at the proximity and the scope of danger in the way these elephants are exhibited."

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