Adorable dog panics when owner's head goes underwater

Little Bella dives in and tries to 'save' him


A plucky little dog showed off its caring side when its owner put his head under the water in a swimming pool.

Adorable Bella is seen running up and down the side of the pool and yelping as the owner is submerged.
Before, Bella can bear it no longer and dives in to the pool in an attempt to 'save' her best friend.

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The footage was uploaded online and has now gone viral.

According to the Daily Mail, Bella's owner said that she "has a fascination with splash water, she just watches the splash and even barks at it".

He added: "When I got into the water she watched me like a hawk. My wife noticed when I went under the water she would go nuts and start barking.

"Based on her reactions we thought she was afraid the water was hurting me."

The dog gets a huge cuddle from its owner when she leaps into to protect him.

The video was shot in Little Rock, Arizona.

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