Bizarre 'corkscrew cloud' spotted over Manchester

What is this strange phenomena?


Meteorologists have been left stumped by a swirling, corkscrew-shaped 'cloud' seen hovering over Greater Manchester.

The peculiar form sparked an online debate on Wednesday afternoon when members of the public began asking how the unusual cloud formed - and what caused its bizarre shape.

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But when meteorologists were asked what the formation was over Ikea in Ashton-under-Lyne, they were left baffled, reports the Manchester Evening News.

Online weather buff Oldham Weather wasn't convinced it was a cloud at all and asked for a second opinion.

The @ChadWeather account tweeted other weather experts, asking: "Is it actually a cloud, @WessexWeather @MeteoGib?"

MeteoGib was also unsure, replying: "It looks like a cloud, unless some sort of plume from a chimney? I'm not sure."

WessexWeather suggested it appeared to be a 'twisted contrail' – a trail left by aircraft engine exhausts when they zoom through the sky.

The meteorologist tweeted: "It's a twisted contrail I think. The perspective makes it look vertical, but it's actually horizontal."

Credits: MEN

When meteorologists were asked what the formation was over Ikea, they were left baffled

Oldham Weather agreed with the conclusion, saying: "Yep thought it can't be a cloud, just a contrail which looks 'ground upwards'."

It seemed as though everyone was happy with the conclusion.

Stuart Markham said: "I agree with the above."

Freiburger Booba added: "Indeed :) Twisted Contrail :)."

That's that settled.

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