A bit early? BBC weatherman gives Christmas forecast - in April

Isn't it a bit early to tell us what the festive weather's going to be like?


Credits: BBC

We're only four months into the year but it seems this BBC weatherman is already over 2017.

Tomasz Schafernaker gave viewers a giggle when he mistakenly offered a weather forecast for Christmas in April.

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The Met Office meteorologist left BBC viewers scratching their heads when he announced the weather would be changeable "in the run up to Christmas".

The 38-year-old TV presenter quickly corrected his mistake to 'Easter' before admitting he was "getting ahead of himself".

Credits: BBC

... and gives everyone a giggle when he realises what he's just said

Eagle-eyed viewer Joel Gulhane shared a clip of the amusing moment on Twitter with the caption: "When it's only April and you're already fed up with 2017."

Schafernaker later tweeted "I can't believe I said that" with an Easter bunny and Christmas tree emoji.

On the subject of Christmas, the weatherman left fans fearing for his health - or wondering if he'd overdone it at an office party - following a bizarre broadcast last December.

Those tuning in to the BBC's Radio 4 Shipping Forecast on December 4th at 5.20am were left worried for Schafernaker after he failed to finish his report - the first time in more than 90 years.

While some claimed he sounded as though he was sobbing, others were convinced he was poised to vomit before he appeared to abruptly leave the studios.

"Mull of Kyntyre to Cape Wrath southerly or southerly four or five...excuse me..." he was heard saying before a colleague was forced to step in and finish the job for him.

Credits: BBC


Fans listening in then inundated Twitter with messages, asking if Tomasz was okay.

One wrote: "@MetMattTaylor Is Thomas S OK? He couldn't finish the Shipping Forecast this morning. He just stopped, after faltering many times."

Another then added: "@BBCRadio4 Why did Weather presenter Thomas Shackaknaker breakdown and cry during this mornings Shipping forecast???"

Moments later, a different fan commented: "@BBCRadio4 worried about Thomas who did not finish the shipping forecast this morning."

Shortly afterwards, another then tweeted: "@BBCRadio4 Don't know what was going on with @Schafernaker's Shipping Forecast but hope he's better soon."

A touched Tomasz was quick to respond to the flood of messages from concerned fans.

Taking to the social media site, he reassured followers that he was just fine following his strange broadcast.

He wrote: "All good with me! Thanks for the tweets!" - complete with a series of weather emojis.

Weird weather around the world

Weird weather around the world

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