'World's smallest coffee shop' opens in phone box

Diallingin just has space for a coffee machine and a small fridge for milk


One of the UK's smallest coffee shops has opened up in a telephone box in Nottinghamshire.

The disused BT phone box has been converted into the tiny cafe - which its owner says could be the smallest in the world.

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Luke Thorpe, who opened DiallingIn this week, told the Nottinghamshire Post: "It's easily the smallest in Nottingham and potentially the world's smallest speciality coffee shop.

There's just space for a coffee-making machine and a small fridge for the milk inside the phone box - and Luke is planning to erect a canopy for shelter for when it rains.

"I'll grin and bear it in the cold and wind. I would rather be here doing something I enjoy than in an office, nice and warm, clock-watching," he said.

Using coffee beans supplied by local roasters Outpost, Luke can rustle up anything from an espresso to a flat white, as well as tea and hot chocolate - served in a cup with a red phone box emblem.

He honed his barista skills with the roasters for 18 months, providing a helping hand at pop-ups and festivals.

"I love coffee and wanted to open a coffee shop," said Luke, adding that the rent on the phone box enabled him to set up business on the affluent cobbled street.

"Everyone has been really intrigued and curious. The feedback is really positive."

Living close by in the Lace Market, Luke doesn't have far to travel to work each day.

The telephone box, which had to be kitted out with a water supply and electricity, is leased from the Brighton-based The Red Kiosk Company.

There are no tables but there are a couple of stools for customers to take a break – or if there's a sudden downpour you could stand in the neighbouring phone box.

Even though the independent business has only just got off the ground, Luke is already thinking of expanding to a second vacant box in Nottingham but the exact location is currently under wraps.

DiallingIn is open from 7.30am on weekdays and from 8.30am on Saturdays.

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