The reason you're so tired after sleeping in hotel rooms

It's a safety issue

Black woman sleeping in bed

Do you find yourself reaching for an extra cup of coffee so you can enjoy your first day of your holiday?

Well, it's not just you, you really don't sleep as well the first night you sleep somewhere new, like a hotel.

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But now we know why this is happens.

According to new research from Brown University, half of your brain seems to actually keep tabs on your safety.

For the study, researchers used advanced neuroimaging to view subjects' brains while sleeping.

During the first night of sleep, they saw that instead of both sides of the brain resting, the left side was always a little more awake and responding to sounds around it.

Frequent travellers may not experience this issue.

For those who aren't frequent flyers, bringing your own pillow or staying in hotels with similar accommodations each time you travel might help your brain to relax.

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