Australia's strangest places: You need to see these!

Weird and wonderful attractions for your Australian holiday bucket list

Pink Lake

Love visiting unique places on holiday? Well, you're in for a treat if you're heading to Australia as there's a whole host of strange, otherworldly and unusual destinations to add to your holiday itinerary.

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Home to mysterious attractions, weird natural phenomena and offbeat sites you won't find anywhere else, Australia is ideal for visitors in search of the extraordinary. Take Western Australia and its Pink Lake, for example. Did you ever imagine feasting your eyes on such a strange yet stunning site? Then there's the underground town of Coober Pedy, in South Australia, one of the country's strangest places, where the extreme heat forced residents to build underground houses, cafes, churches and hotels - it's quite the sight.

Wave Rock

In Oz, the ocean isn't the only place where you'll find wave as Western Australia's outback plain features a bizarre, wave-like rock formation that you really need to see to believe. Meanwhile, Queensland has its own enchanted forest with the ruins of a Spanish castle nestled among lush gardens, cascading waterfalls and exotic rainforest plants.

Want to know how to add the weird and wonderful to your holiday? Check out Australia's strangest places...

Australia's strangest places

Australia's strangest places