Swimmers in glass-bottomed pool 42 storeys high

Would you dare to go in this swimming pool?


Credits: marketsquaretower/Instagram

Swimmers will need a head for heights if they've brave enough to go for a dip in this glass bottomed pool with jaw-dropping views.

Those who dare to look down are treated to a stunning view of pedestrians and cars 42 storeys beneath their feet.

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The infinity pool on the rooftop of a high-rise block of luxury flats has a cantilevered shelf that extends over the edge of the building.

Footage posted on Instagram shows a man slowly walking on the glass floor - making it seem like he is walking on air almost 500ft above the street below.

Credits: marketsquaretower/Instagram

Footage shows a brave swimmer walking onto the glass floor

Credits: marketsquaretower/Instagram

The pool is on the rooftop of a block of luxury flats

The exhilarating "sky pool" is one of the perks for residents of Market Square Tower in downtown Houston, Texas.

It extends 10ft over the side of the high-rise and is said to be the highest pool in Texas.

The Plexiglass floor is 8in thick, and was inspired by a pool in Dubai.

Credits: marketsquaretower/Instagram

The Plexiglass floor is 8in thick

The tower's website states: "Swim among the sky and stars in this unique experience that feels like floating on air.

"This extraordinary and remarkable amenity will transport you to bliss.

"Let the world melt away as you relax and unwind."

Credits: marketsquaretower/Instagram

Market Square Tower is in downtown Houston, Texas

For those who can't bear to look down, the rooftop pool and its deck offer sweeping views of Houston.

The 463-unit tower opened last year, with monthly rent prices ranging from $1,805 (£1,460) for a 564-square foot studio to $18,715 (£15,120) for a penthouse measuring nearly 3,000 square feet.

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