Pub charges charity marathon runner 50p for glass of tap water

Scott Walker had just run 20 miles when he asked for some water


Marathon runner charged 50p for water in pub

A thirsty runner has claimed he was charged 50p for tap water after entering a pub for refreshment at the end of a 20-mile training session.

Scott Walker, from Canterbury, is currently training for the London Marathon, which will take place in two weeks time on April 23.

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Kent Live reports Mr Walker ran 20 miles from Whitstable to Margate as part of his rigorous training for the race, which he will run in aid of Diabetes UK.

He claims at the end of his run he went into The King Ethelbert Inn in Reculver, Kent, but was told by a man behind the bar 'I don't care how far you have run, that won't pay for my water bill' when he asked for a glass of tap water.

A manager at the pub has since denied the claims and insists he asked for a charity donation in response to the customer's 'rude' attitude.

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The King Ethelbert Inn claimed they asked for a charity donation in response to the runner's rude attitude

Posting on Facebook, Mr Walker said: "During my run I ran out of water (this is the first time this has happened) and felt quite dehydrated.

"I walked into the The King Ethelbert Inn in Reculver and was told by a man behind the bar that unless I could pay 50p, he wouldn't be willing to provide me with any tap water at all.

"I explained how far I had just run and that I was doing this for charity, in the hope he might give in and give me some water as I was extremely hot, thirsty and had no money on me.

"He proceeded to say 'I don't care how far you have run, that won't pay for my water bill' and only 'if I was planning on buying a roast'... (clearly not as I was alone, hot and sweaty, and in fluorescent running gear!)

"He continued be sarcastic and taunt me in from of all his customers, refused to give me his full name and only that he was called 'Mr. Wing'."

'Mr Wing' is in fact George Wing, pub manager, who denies that he was denying Mr Walker a drink. Mr Wing refutes claims that he charged Scott for the drink and instead claims that he suggested he donate the 50p to charity.

Mr Wing, who has a Type 1 diabetic grandson, said: "He (Mr Walker) came in and plonked in front of me and said 'pint of water' with a right bad attitude.

"I said 'excuse me sir, have you had a meal in here? He replied with 'no' and I said that we don't just give out water like that.

"I suggested he make a donation to Coastwatch, we have a tin for this charity on the bar. Normally I wouldn't have said that, I have given gallons of water away to dozens of people today, it was his attitude and the way he said it."

Mr Walker added that he was only given water when he agreed to make the donation. He added: "He finally gave in and provided me with some (warm) tap water, only after I told him someone was coming to pick me up and that they could give him the 50p when they arrived."

Mr Wing added that a woman later came in the bar and asked to know if he was the man who had charged the 50p before "throwing" the money on the bar.

He added: "She didn't put it in the box, she just threw it on the bar. One of my customers, who said it was out of order the way they were, put it in the tin instead."

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