Man disappears after jumping overboard on honeymoon cruise

Passengers claimed they saw Reco Scott jump from the balcony


The U.S. Coast Guard is searching for an American man who went overboard on his honeymoon aboard a Bahamas-bound Carnival cruise ship.

Reco Scott, 32, from Georgia, fell from the ninth deck of the 3,000-person capacity Carnival Liberty at around 5am on Friday, according to the Coast Guard.

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A Carnival spokesman told the New York Daily News that other passengers claimed they saw him jump from the balcony.

Scott had reportedly renewed his vows with his wife Angelijica Scott last Saturday.

Carnival Liberty was only about 10 miles away from the Berry Islands in the Bahamas after departing from Florida.

A search mission was launched soon after Scott jumped and the ship's crew was later joined by a Coast Guard ship and helicopter.

The ship resumed course for the Bahamas on Friday afternoon after Scott was not located.