Huge 14-foot crocodile caught in Australia

The saltwater croc was captured near Darwin

Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife

A 14-foot crocodile was captured by wildlife officials in Australia's Northern Territory this week.

The predator was caught in a popular fishing spot near Darwin.

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It was caught in a trap just 400 metres from a public boat ramp.

Writing on Facebook, Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife said: "We've trapped 114 saltwater crocodiles so far in 2017, more than double the 53 collected at this time last year. There's been over fifty captures in March alone, and the biggest we have trapped so far this year was 4.2m."

The spokesperson warned people that crocs are on the move and can be in any waterway.

They added: "The Crocodile Management Team also has evidence that people have been interfering with traps. This is an inherently unsafe thing to do and undermines the hard work of the crocodile management unit in keeping Territorians safe from crocodiles."

Crocodile Management Chief Wildlife Ranger Tom Nichols told NT News: "We discovered that at four different traps, where crocodiles had triggered the trap doors, persons unknown to us, have in fact tampered with the device to open the traps and subsequently release the animals."

It is an offence to touch, stand on, enter or move a crocodile trap under the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act.

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