British man dies after being electrocuted in Thailand

Expat Paul Wilkinson was gardening at his home in Phuket

Bird eye view of Phuket, Thailand

A British expat has died on the Thai holiday island of Phuket after electrocuting himself while gardening at his home.

Paul Wilkinson, 53, was found by his daughter after he collapsed to the ground on Friday afternoon.

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He had been pruning the bushes outside his house on the island when he leaned against a wall and suffered an electric shock which stopped his heart, the Daily Mail reports.

His daughter called for help and when emergency workers arrived they administered CPR and rushed Mr Wilkinson to hospital but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Police believe the wall was wet and said an electricity box was located close to the wall.

Lt. Col. Kanan Somrak of Chalong Police told The Phuket News: "We believe that electrical leakage from the power meter box could have somehow made it through or under the corner of the wall. Mr Wilkinson might have touched the wall while he was gardening.

"We have asked for electricians to check for any leakage to see if that is what caused the accident."

An investigation into Mr Wilkinson's death is ongoing.