Tourist has both legs amputated after spider bite

Terry Pareja may also lose his arms


A Filipino man was on vacation in Victoria, Australia recently when he had to have both of his legs amputated after a possible spider bite.

Terry Pareja has no memory of the bite but his doctor believes the spider in question could have been the deadly White-Tailed spider.

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According to the Herald Sun, the Filipino man might have to remain in the hospital for over a year.

With no travel insurance the cost has already built up.

His family's GoFundMe page has already raised nearly $40,000 and has set a new goal of $100,000.

The doctors at the hospital in Melbourne, say Terry could also lose his arms.

Although doctors told his family it's possible that the white tail spider is the cause of his flesh necrosis, some researchers and experts believe it is unlikely.

Terry remains in the hospital and while doctors continue to determine what exactly caused his his condition.

You can find the family's fundraising page here:

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